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Corydon Community Centre

River Heights Arena Protocol

***Please note these are fluid and are subject to change as needed***

General Protocols:

Participants will be allowed to enter the facility 30 minutes prior to their ice time and must vacate the property 20 minutes after their ice time. We ask that groups do not congregate in the parking lot before or after their ice time.  Dressing rooms will be available to all participants 30 minutes prior to their ice time however, participants are encouraged to come to the facility dressed for the ice. Dressing room showers and washrooms are not available for use at this time.  Washrooms will be available to you on your side of the rink for both participants and spectators.



When entering the facility, you are required to utilize the hand sanitizer located at the entrance and check-in at the front desk.

You will be greeted by a staff member who will confirm that you have completed the online self-screening tool (if you have any symptoms please do not attend), check you in and direct you to your program area.  If the online self-screening tool cannot be completed prior to entering the rink the staff member will complete a verbal screening process.


***Participants must complete the online screening tool or they will not be allowed to participate, no exceptions***


Online Screening Tool



Please ensure you are entering the facility following the distancing rules if you see someone in the lobby sanitizing their hands please wait until they have moved forward to enter.  Please do not crowd in the lobby during check-in.


***NEW*** Please note that all individuals entering our facilities will be required to wear a mask at all times. Participants are required to wear a mask while entering the facility until they reach the dressing room and again upon leaving the dressing room to exit the facility. Coaches and team officials are not required to wear masks while on the ice or behind the bench, however, it is strongly recommended. Off-ice coaches and team officials (managers, volunteers) must wear a mask while in the facility at all times. Individuals under the age of five do not have to wear a mask, however, it is strongly recommended.


At this time access to dressing room areas is limited to 30 minutes before and after your scheduled ice time and we ask that you only use the area that you have been directed to. All participants must bring their own water bottle to the facility. No water fountains will be available to participants or spectators.


There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding spitting in any of our facilities.  Absolutely no spitting while in the facility will be tolerated.


All users must adhere to the most current provincial health order and deviation from the public health order may result in you being asked to leave the facility immediately. 


Access to the dressing rooms is limited (7- 9 players per room depending on the room you are in).


Your ice time will be assigned a “side” of the building, Left or Right – we will let you know which side you are on, you will sit on that side, the participants will enter on that side and come off that side and you will leave out that sides door.  Your washrooms will also be on that side.  More information will be passed on to you when you enter the rink.


The dressing rooms have been clearly marked to ensure physical distancing while in the dressing rooms.  Physical distancing spots will mark each space available in the dressing rooms. Please find a dot available in the room and stay on that dot until directed to enter the ice.  If your child requires help please help them in the dressing room and once they are dressed please leave them in the dressing room and head directly into the arena.  They will stay in the dressing room until their ice time where one of the rink staff will let them know to go on the ice. The main dressing room door is to remain open at all times to reduce the touching of shared surfaces.


Sanitizing stations are located outside of each dressing room.


All of our facility is equipped with skate safe surfaces so players are asked to utilize washrooms on the main floor level or dressing room level of the facility.  Please note dressing room areas are not secure, so we ask that all valuables be kept at home.


Your dressing room space will be sanitized prior to every use. We ask that players do not share spaces or supplies at this time. To enhance physical distancing players should use the same entrance on and off the ice nearest to their dressing area.


Each participant can have one parent or guardian attend to watch (please make sure the name of the parent who attends is the parent/guardian in the screening as well) if you need to bring a sibling they must sit with you in the arena – there is no running around the facility or sitting in the lobby at this time.  All spectators will be asked to go directly into the arena and sit in the designated marked spots.  They will be asked to stay in the arena until the participants leave the ice, collect their participant and leave the rink.  There is no standing at the glass.

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